Party DJs in Berkshire

DJ Hire
Over several years we have developed an exceptional reputation for supplying the top party DJs in Berkshire for birthday parties, corporate events, proms and many more events of importance for our clients. We know the right tone to use from our detailed initial discussions with you and we make sure we maintain our one hundred percent success rating.

Our DJ’s love what they do and that’s one of the key qualities we look for when taking a new performers on to our roster. We have honed our list of DJ’s to ensure we have a wide variety of specialists with all types of musical genres so whatever you need we will be able to supply it. You may prefer certain styles, we have plenty. We source top talent from nightclubs all over Berkshire to work for us. Or you may want a party DJ in the true sense of the word spinning dance classics from the moment they start playing. Whatever your preference we have the perfect one just for you.

Why us?
Our team are vetted prior to us taking them on so that we can establish they are the best. It is our reputation on the line when we make a new hire so we only want to work with the top DJ’s.

For us it is about supplying the best DJ’s in Berkshire that will excel in what they do. Our team love music and have been in the industry for a long time so they have a fantastic level of expertise. They are organised, punctual and smart. We know how stressful planning any kind of big event is.

We want to make sure that our service takes some of the stress away for you. We are a Berkshire based company with a wide range of DJ’s that ensures we have a team ready for every event type. Our house music talent make sure they know what is happening in the best nightclubs. They keep up to date with trends and they make sure we have nothing but the best tunes to need to make your go off with a bang. We don’t just cater for parties where you need the dance floor swinging.

We also cater for more somber events such as meals where you may just need some background music for example. Or you may want a professional to spin some tunes in your home during a special occasion. Whatever you need we are able to fulfill it for you. Children’s parties are another key area where we are known to excel. We have dedicated DJ’s that can offer karaoke, games and other activities. All you need to do is ask.

What we supply
It was always our aim to be a one stop shop for party planning so we have all of the latest sound systems, lights and equipment to impress your guests. Should you want something we don’t have at this time then we can get it for you, as we said you should not need to worry about anything.

There are no hidden extra costs with our service. We show you exactly what kit we recommend for your venue size and then anything else you want it is because it is something you are keen on. We know there are DJ’s out there that are under prepped and don’t have the correct lighting rigs for example.

All of our kit is of the highest standard and it is regularly updated. The only extras are things you may have in mind that you want. For example extra lights, particular effects such as strobe or smoke machines or many of the other effects we can provide.

The music
You can create a playlist for your event if it puts your mind at ease or we can create one for you to approve. We will review it with you and make suggestions to make it absolutely perfect. Nobody wants an event where the dance floor is empty because the songs don’t flow well. We can offer as much guidance as you want. However if you want to project manage it all without our expertise we are as equally happy to follow the instructions we are given. All we want is for you to enjoy yourself and recommend us.

Our DJ’s are used to shout outs and mentions and we can pre-plan those with you if you prefer. Or we can make them available at the event. We can also play open requests on the night if this is what you like and in this situation our experts will make sure all music flows smoothly from track to track. It may be that you don’t like mentions or don’t want your guests placing requests and affecting your carefully planned playlist. Either way we can operate however you prefer. We want happy customers that tell their friends these guys weren’t just good they were great and only then will be have done our job.

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